Benevolent Welfare Fund

Life Insurance and Funeral Cover



Membership is Mandatory especially if you want to benefit from any of the services listed above. A mandatory membership fee is Ksh. 2000 per year. Member’s calendar year begins June 30 through June 30 of the following year.  This is a membership organization and you will not receive any services or be allowed to register for any benefits such as the Benevolent Welfare Fund, Life Insurance/Funeral Expenses Cover, or any Investments with KGAWG if you are not a member of KGAWG.  Register your name on the portal above.  This application serves as your membership registration.


Welfare Fund

  1. A Ksh. 10,000 membership fee shall be paid annually per person to cover the welfare fund.  By the end of the year surplus membership monies will be used as follows:  (check your option). Assist members buy down their dues for the following year
  2. Buy life insurance for members in order to increase their personal benefits when something happens to them
  3. Invest (to be determined later)
  4. Donate to the welfare fund
  5. Withdraw and receive the balance from the organization at the end of the year if there is any surplus.
  6. Members shall add in funds in case of any deficit.
  7. Members cannot receive a refund until at the end of the fiscal year if there is a surplus
  8. There is 45 days grace period
  9. Your Spouse is encouraged to participate in order to cover his side of family, which means he has to sign the complete application and pay all fees required i.e. this is where step children are covered or buy insurance policy. For Example, it will cost Ksh. 24,000 to cover your side of family and that of your husband’s side of family.
  10. Member MUST be fully paid up member to receive any benefits
  11. No funds will be paid to non-members and any other person outside the nuclear family as stipulated in the constitution
  12. We discourage members from soliciting funds from members as they choose not to sign up their families and friends as it defeats the goal of the constitution. Do not use this forum to solicit funds for people you choose not to cover on the welfare plan.
  13. If membership is under 30 people then payout amount is Ksh. 30000 and if membership is over 50 people then payout is Ksh. 50000, or more with more members.
  14. The maximum pay out for more than two members who are fully paid but had the same dead person is 1.5 for example if the benefit is Ksh. 50,000 then the maximum benefit is only Ksh. 75,000 to be divided among all paid relatives.
  15. Once you sign in, there is no withdrawal until the end of the fiscal year which is June 30 of every year at which point you can elect to continue with the welfare fund or withdraw. You are free to participate in any other services being offered by KGAWG.




We have great Insurance opportunities you MUST consider. This is NOT a Monthly payment but YEARLY PAYMENT. Insure your loved ones as there is no penalty for pre-existing conditions: One application can include the following you, spouse, children, parents, parent-in-laws, brothers and sisters. The premium of Ksh1500 per year per person will give you a benefit of Ksh.120, 000 and a premium of Ksh 2500 per year per person will give you a benefit of 220,000. This is the place all those excluded from the Benevolent fund are able to benefit. For example, ex-spouses, step parents, and step-children can take extra insurance without the member paying extra membership fee for them. If you have other members of the family such as siblings, great grandparents etc that do not meet this description, they must first be members of KGAWG, pay their Ksh. 2000 membership fee before completing the insurance application forms.  Any incomplete application will not be submitted to the insurance.  Make sure that you have all supporting documents before starting to complete the Insurance form as the form wants you to upload the files as you complete the application. All insurance applications are due by June 30 of every year.  Membership is completed by registering on our portal. Before starting to complete the application, make sure that you have copies of your KRA certificate for yourself and a KRA number of your parents and in-laws, ID cards for all adults listed on the application and birth certificates of all your children under 18 years old ready on your phone or computer for easy upload. It is extremely difficult to complete your application without these documents for easy launching with the insurance company.   


This section is an effort for members to showcase their business as well as fundraise for KGAWG.  KGAWG is showcasing businesses of KGAWG members for free during the website design period. Thereafter, a fee of Ksh. 2500 will be assessed. Ksh. 2000 will go to the web designer and Ksh.500 will remain with KGAWG as a fundraiser effort to assist with KGAWG mission. Your advertisement will remain for life unless members report bad reviews about your business then it will be taken down. Non-Members can advertise at the above rate. All investment opportunities will remain optional as described above to allow members the opportunity to participate ONLY in what they feel most comfortable with at the same time not overwhelming anybody as WE all are not EQUAL and may have our priorities different.  KGAWG is here to showcase your products.  Take advantage of this great opportunity.  Tell your friend to submit their business for listing by KGAWG by first paying the treasure the funds and then submitting their advertisement through our website  KGAWG also welcomes DONATION of more than Ksh.2500 from our beloved sponsors.

payment information.

Unfortunately we are unable to get PayPal and/or other automatic payment methods for now. Until then, you are required to make all your payments through the bank or if through Mpesa, through the treasurer.  Here is all our payment information:

Mpesa Number: Treasurer – Edith Azegele 0722 682391


KCB Bank (KCB Moi Avenue, Nairobi) 

Account Number: 1223206807

Pay Bill Number:943123


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Benevolent Welfare Fund

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