kaimosi girls alumni welfare group (kgawg)

Assisting and supporting kaimosi girls alumni, our families and all associate members.


KGAWG is registered in Kenya as a Social Self Help Group. Apart from being part of an awesome group, you will also have access to the following benefits:

  • Benevolent Welfare Fund
  • Group Life Insurance/Funeral Expenses Coverage
  • Investments


Although KGAWG embraces our family members and associate members, the main goal of this group was to create a relationship between the alumni and associate members and create a feeling of kinship with and closeness to KGAWG.  Our sisterhood is based on a common interest of helping each other during sad and happy times. 


Kaimosi Girls Alumni, their families and anybody who is willing to abide by KGAWG constitution qualify to participate in this wonderful welfare group.

Members and counting


Welcome to Kaimosi Girls Alumni Welfare Group.  We, the KAIMOSI GIRLS ALUMNI WELFARE GROUP(KGAWG), recognize the need to keep connected with each other and that there is a need for a healthy social, emotional, economic, professional and business interaction for ourselves, our husbands, children and other members of the GBS community. We also recognize that there is a need for us to support one another during good times and bad times.  We also recognize that in order to keep these relationships intact without bias, such as prejudice, partiality, unfairness, popularism, preconceived notions, favoritism and impartiality, there is a need for a black and white constitution for those people who choose to participate in any of our services (1) Benevolent Welfare Fund (2) Group Life Insurance/Funeral Expenses Coverage and (3) Any Investment Schemes.  We also recognize that participating in any of the above listed services is TOTALLY OPTIONAL.  Registration in the members’ portal is Mandatory to afford you the chance or opportunity to participate in any of the three listed services.  However, a lack of participation in any one of the services may also exclude you from benefiting.  Every member is encouraged to participate in at least one of the services being offered by KGAWG. For those who can participate in two or more services, the better.   Karibu to KGAWG!  This constitution took effect June 30, 2017.  Renewal of membership is required every June 30 of the following year to remain in good standing.



We have great Insurance opportunities you MUST consider. This is NOT a Monthly payment but YEARLY PAYMENT. Insure your loved ones as there is no penalty for pre-existing conditions: One application can include the following you, spouse, children, parents, parent-in-laws, brothers and sisters. The premium of Ksh1500 per year will give you a benefit of Ksh. 100,000 and premium of Ksh 2500 will give you a benefit of 220,000 benefit. If you have other members of the family that do not meet this description, they must first be members of KGAWG and take the insurance on their own.


KGAWG is showcasing businesses of KGAWG members for free during the website design period. Thereafter, a fee of Ksh. 2500 will be assessed. Ksh. 2000 will go to the web designer and Ksh.500 will remain with KGAWG as a fundraiser effort to assist with KGAWG missions. Your advertisement will remain for life unless members report bad reviews about your business then it will be taken down. Non-Members can advertise at the above rate. All investment opportunities will remain optional as described above to allow members the opportunity to participate ONLY in what they feel most comfortable at the same time not overwhelming anybody as WE all are not EQUAL and may have our priorities different.

Benevolent Welfare Fund.

A Ksh. 10,000 membership fee shall be paid annually per person to Coverage the welfare fund.  By the end of the year surplus membership monies will be used as follows:

  • Assist members buy down their dues for the following year
  • Buy life insurance for members in order to increase their personal benefits when something happens to them
  • Invest (to be determined later)
  • Donate to the welfare fund
  • Proposal writing services
  • Withdraw and receive the balance from the organization at the end of the year if there is any surplus.


Rose Mavisi

Rose Mavisi


I am a Lecturer at Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Langata Campus.  I am happy to be associated with KGAWG as the Chair Person.  I have been a beneficiary of the Benevolent Fund as my mother passed on January, 2018.  I love KGAWG as I was paid within 48 hours to assist with funeral expenses.  The Ksh. 50,000 cheque was a boost in the burial preparations.  Thank you KGAWG for being there for me and also for being there for each other. I also want to thank the Patron, Judi MiNage, for this great imitative.  I love the fact that all members are treated the same.  As the Chair Person, I want to encourage all to join KGAWG.  We need more members.  God Bless. 

Edith Azegele

Edith Azegele


I graduated from Kaimosi Girls, Class of 1982.  I work for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, in the State Department of Livestock as an Office Administrator.  Am happy to be associated with KGAWG as a member and Treasurer. The year 2017 was a pretty sad year for me as both my parents, father and mother, went to be with the good lord.  I was able to receive benefit twice on these two occasions without hassle.  Payment was made within 48 hours enabling me to attend to a good send off for my parents.  I would like to thank Patron, Judi MiNage, for the KGAWG Initiative as the plan is benefiting the alumni of Kaimosi Girls Boarding school, our extended families and friends.  If you have not joined KGAWG, I strongly encourage you to do so.  You will not regret.

Rispah Itenyo Lumidi

Rispah Itenyo Lumidi


I graduated from Kaimosi Girls, Class of 1990.  I am married and a mother of three teenage boys. I have worked with the Ministry of Agriculture since 1999 through 2010, thereafter transferred to the Ministry of Health, Headquarters, as an Office Administrative Assistant.  I have been the National Chair Person for the Kaimosi Old Girls Alumni Association for the past 5 years with a membership of over 3000.  I am also serving as Secretary of the Kaimosi Girls Alumni Welfare Group since June, 2017.  I encourage all Kaimosi Girls Alumni to take advantage of the services being offered through KGAWG.

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